Environmental activities

Would you like to tend to animals, grow food, take part in running an eco café or go camping? Or are you interested in activism? We provide free-of-charge environmental activities, equipment, premises and support for 9–29-year-olds throughout Helsinki.

Are you interested in activities relating to the environment?
Welcome to the Youth Environment Space!

The Youth Environment Space provides the opportunity to get to know new fun people, find new hobbies, and gain information on and perspectives into any environmental and climate-related questions you may have.

The aim of the environmental activities is to make it possible to influence one’s own environment, offer camp experiences and adventures, support young people’s own actions to benefit the environment, and provide information.

In addition to the Youth Environment Space, the Youth Services unit has many other premises that provide the opportunity to engage in hobbies, participate and arrange unique environmental activities throughout Helsinki.

It does not take magic tricks to empower people as environmentally conscious citizens – only space and real opportunities to take action are needed.

In addition to providing activity opportunities, we support young people, groups of young people and the operations of youth organisations by renting out premises for youth-driven activities. The camping equipment loan centre Wempaimisto also lends out camping gear for no charge to those with the free Youth Services membership card.

Moreover, we organise nature school events and adventure groups for schools and groups of young people.