Young people’s initiatives

Young people’s power of initiative is a benefit provided by the City of Helsinki to its young residents to help young people be heard in the City’s decision-making!

The power of initiative is every young Helsinki resident’s right

Submitting an initiative is one of many ways to make a difference! An initiative means that you describe an issue or grievance you have and want to fix, or an idea that you would like to have implemented. Occasionally, initiatives can also lead to concrete actions if the matter is not yet being promoted by the City organisation. 

How the initiative system works:

  1. Submitting an initiative 
    Any Helsinki resident aged13−17 can submit an initiative concerning a matter covered by the City’s operations.  Submit an initiative.
  2. Processing of the initiative 
     City experts review the initiatives submitted by young people. An expert may contact the initiator of the initiative and explain how its processing will proceed. At the same time, there is an opportunity to discuss possible ways of implementing the initiative. Additionally, ensuring that a response is prepared to address the correct question is confirmed. 
  3. Response to the initiative 
    The response to the initiative is provided by the relevant decision-making body of the city (board or committee) to which the initiative belongs. The response is sent to the initiator of the initiative via email.  

    Twice a year, initiatives from young people and related actions within the competence of the city council are brought to the attention of the city council for information.

    All initiatives from young people and the responses to them are published on the Youth Helsinki website. We aim to respond to initiatives from young people as quickly as possible, but no later than three months after the initiative is submitted.