Summer job voucher

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Summer Job Voucher is now digital – apply for yours now!

In the year 2022 residents and those who study in the ninth grade at a school in Helsinki are qualified for the summer job voucher. Valma- and tenth graders who reside in Helsinki are qualified for it.

To specify, those ninth graders who have studied in the semester of 2021-2022. For example, a youth who gets their certificate of completion in the spring of 2022. If you are attending the ninth grade in the fall of 2022 you will not qualify for the voucher. 

Employer, apply for Summer Voucher compensation here!

There is a tiny bug in the system that sometimes doesn’t recognize and accept what you are filling in. It helps when you take the last few letters or numbers away and retype them in. Normally it also works better if you write in the information, rather than copy paste it in.

Remember, when you log in to the system with your ID! If you don’t have the authorization to act on behalf of your company the system will not find your company on the system.

Luckily it is easy to apply and get the authorization. Apply though the links below for the authorization called Avustushakeminen.

Log in to the service and complete the application at once. The draft cannot be saved. The application needs contract of employment and payslip as an attachment so make sure you save these in your computer before starting the application process. The summer voucher allowance is paid to the employer’s account when the application has been processed. Processing can occasionally become congested.

Save the contract of employment, summer voucher and payslip for reporting purposes. Application system finds the employers details through the company ID called Y-tunnus in Finnish. Employer adds other information to the system as contact person, length of employment and bank account information and the attachments required. Employer does not need to bill the city separately.

Who can get a Summer Job Voucher?

  • In the spring of 2022, all 9th graders, pupils in the 10th and Valma grades living or studying in Helsinki will be eligible to apply for a Summer Job Voucher.
  • All 1st year students in upper secondary schools living in Helsinki are also eligible to apply for a Summer Job Voucher.
  • The Summer Job Voucher is intended for 18-years-old and under. Exceptions are described in our frequently asked questions.
  • All eligible applicants will receive a voucher.
  • PLEASE NOTE! Upper secondary school students studying in Helsinki who live in another municipality can apply for a summer job voucher from their home municipality if there is a summer job voucher system in place.

Do you have questions about the Summer Job Voucher? We are happy to help.

The City of Helsinki requires that employers adhere to the principles of responsible summer jobs, sign a written employment contract with the young person and offer sufficient orientation related to the job. After a successful summer job, many young people have continued to work for the same employer!