Summer Job Voucher

Helping to provide summer jobs for the youth and supporting employers by giving them competence and new perspectives since 2015!

Apply for your Summer Job Voucher now!

School year 2023-2024, all 9th graders and pupils in the TUVA- grade (under 18 years old) living in Helsinki will be eligible to apply for a Summer Job Voucher.

If you belong to the target group you can apply your voucher now from this website. Please find application from the links on the right. All eligible applicants will receive a voucher. The Summer Job Voucher is personal and can be used only once between 1.6-15.8.2024.

When you have applied for the Summer Job Voucher you get an activation link to the email mentioned and then receive your voucher. You can forward the email with the summer Job Voucher straight to the employer, when you are sure you have a summer job, e.g. when writing the working contract.

Working days and pay:

  • You will work 60 hours with the summer job voucher 1.6.-15.8.2024. Recommended weekly hours are minimum 18 hours, but can be agreed otherwise.
  • The employer will pay you a minimum of EUR 500 (for 60 working hours). The sum do not include holiday compensation. In addition to this, the employer will pay normal employer’s contributions.
  • The employment relationship may include more hours, in which case the pay for the hours exceeding 60 hours must also be at least the minimum pay specified in the industry’s collective agreement.
  • Contact the employer and offer them the Summer Job Voucher.

You belong to target group when you study on grades mentioned above during the school year 2023-24. Students studying in Helsinki who live in another municipality can apply for a summer job voucher from their home municipality.