Relationships are important for people of all ages. On this page, you can find information about romantic relationships, friendships and family relations.

Relationships are an important resource in our lives: they carry us through difficult times and provide feelings of safety, belonging and joy in everyday life.

Then again, there may be various challenges related to relationships that may take up your energy and have a negative impact on your well-being. For many people, youth also involves experiences of loneliness that may bring up difficult feelings. If you are having difficulties with relationships or loneliness, you should also seek help from others; when you talk about and share your feelings, you often gain new perspectives on situations and start to feel better.

Each person is an individual, but we also need other people around us.

The significance of relationships for a person varies by individual. When thinking about your own relationships, it is important that you listen to your own needs: different people require a different amount of social interaction and people around them. Some need more solitude and are happy with a few close relationships, while others would like to have a wider social network. Relationships formed via social media or games, for example, can also be meaningful.

Social relations are always affected by the situation in life. For example, your relationship with your parents changes when you move out of your childhood home, and some friendships may be left behind when you finish your studies.