Activism and voluntary activities

Information on various opportunities to influence and examples of how youth workers can support you.

In the City of Helsinki, young people have many ways to influence

Do it yourself, act and make a difference:
Do you need money, facilities or equipment for your activities? Helsinki youth services and the City offer a wide range of support and assistance for youth group activities and associations.

Facilities, equipment and services:
The youth services have various facilities around the city for local youth groups and associations to reserve free of charge. You can also borrow various equipment from many youth services locations.

Take part, speak up and make a difference

  1. Young people’s participatory budgeting system RuutiBudjetti (for ages 12–17)
  2. Entire Helsinki’s participatory budgeting system OmaStadi (for everyone over the age of 12)
  3. Pupil and student bodies & Ruuti funding (for comprehensive school pupils and secondary education students)
  4. Voice of the Young Editorial Board (for ages 13–19)
  5. Young people’s initiatives (for ages 13–17)
  6. Feedback to the City and municipal initiatives (for people of all ages)

Environmental Activities Youth Work Unit

The unit’s role is to support environmental and nature education, enable environmental, adventure and camp activities in nature, support young people’s independent actions for the environment and increase environmental awareness.

Youth Environment Space offers diverse environmental information, events, workshops and excursions.

Unit’s Executive Director:

LuontoAktiivit – Active Environmentalists

Young people aged 14–18 who are interested in nature – welcome to create happenings and events and solve environmental problems! Together, we plan nature excursions and camps and activities for the environment.

Harkiten henkariin – Smart choices for clothes hanger group

Harkiten henkariin volunteer group:

Harkiten henkariin is a youth volunteer group that encourages young people to consume responsibly and teaches responsible everyday clothing choices.

On social media: @harkitenhenkariin