Operaatio Pulssi! (Operation Pulse)

Free-of-charge activities for young people aged 12–18. Try, experience and learn new things!

Some courses and activities require registering in advance. Please read the registration instructions for each activity. Most of the activities you don't need to be able to speak finnish, you may use English or communicate with just gestures.

Is your area missing interesting leisure activities? Would you like to influence the activities offered to young people? Let’s turn your idea into reality!

Young people brainstorm!

Operaatio Pulssi! asks young people what they would like to do in their spare time. Data is collected and processed in connection with Nuorten Budjetti, which is a participatory budgeting tool for young people in Helsinki, as well as through places such as schools and Youth Centres.

Young people plan!

Young people continue to turn the data collected into plans in the Nuorten Budjetti workshops, among other events. Some of the plans will be implemented in co-operation with Pulssi and local operators, and for some plans, funding will be sought from Nuorten Budjetti.

Young people organise!

Through Operaatio Pulssi, young people get to organise various courses, workshops, and events, together with professionals. In the past, young people have participated in the organisation of both small and large LAN parties, food and beauty events, and larger events implemented together with cultural centres.