When you and your friends have an idea, you can receive a Sponssi grant for implementing it – in other words, money! Sponssi is a project grant for youth groups. In addition to money, youth groups can be provided with plenty of other kinds of support. See the ‘Support for activities’ page for more information.  


Sponssi is a project grant for youth groups awarded by Youth Services’Partnership Unit (page in Finnish). Sponssi is intended for supporting young people’s independent activities. Independent activities mean that the activities are independently planned, decided on and carried out by young people. 

In other words, when you and your friends A) have an idea, B) want to implement it yourselves and C) need money for the activities, you should apply for a Sponssi grant! 

For whom?

The Sponssi grant can be awarded to a youth group, 2/3 of the members of which are Helsinki residents aged 7–28. Unfortunately, the grant cannot be awarded to an individual young person. 

It is easier to list activities for which, unfortunately, a Sponssi grant cannot be awarded. Here is a list of them: 

  • band practice space rentals and music production costs (see the music activity pages, other support is available!) 
  • studies (such as thesis work) 
  • the activities of youth services, schools or associations 
  • the activities of student associations or pupil bodies. 
  • the activities of companies or for-profit activities

The Sponssi grant can be used for covering a variety of project costs. For example, it can be used for acquiring materials and food, renting equipment and facilities and purchasing services. Using the grant is also subject to certain limitations. Unfortunately, the Sponssi grant cannot be awarded for the following expenses: 

  • salary and fee expenses 
  • acquiring fixed assets, such as purchasing machinery or equipment (If you are not sure whether something is a fixed asset or not, contact us and we’ll talk about it!). 


You can apply for a Sponssi grant via the City of Helsinki’s e-services. You can log in to the e-services with your personal online banking ID or mobile ID.The important thing is that you submit your application before the project begins.Once you have decided to apply for a Sponssi grant, name someone in your group as the contact person for the Sponssi application.The contact person will also be responsible for the use of the grant. 

You can contact the Partnership Unit’s workers before submitting your application. For example, if you are having difficulties with filling out the application or need more information about something, we will be glad to provide you with advice and answer any questions you have! 

The Partnership Unit’s workers will usually meet with you before a decision is made regarding your application. At the meeting, you can provide more details about the project and receive more detailed information about the Sponssi grant and its use. 

When the project has ended, you must report the awarded Sponssi to the Partnership Unit. In the project report phase, you submit to the Partnership Unit a report, complete with copies of receipts, on how the grant was used, and any material created in the project. Material created in the project can be used for Sponssi marketing on the Youth Services website and social media. The report can be submitted either by email or a physical letter.

You can find the project report form here: Project grant report (doc)