Studies and work

Here you can find study options in Helsinki after basic education.
You can check out various general upper secondary schools, vocational qualifications and options available outside the joint application system. The pages also offer information on the summer job voucher and summer jobs.

Yläasteen oppilas koululuokassa pulpetin takana

Helsinki offers many options for upper secondary education.

Check out the options and find your way to your dream career!

Stadin AO, The Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute is the largest vocational education institution in Finland, offering nearly 30 different qualifications and providing vocational education for numerous different occupations. The City of Helsinki has 14 general upper secondary schools, as well as a general upper secondary school for adults. Each of them has a special education purpose or a school-specific focus.

In addition to these schools, there are several private or foundation-funded vocational institutions and general upper secondary schools, as well as state-owned and specialist general upper secondary schools, in Helsinki.

Summer jobs

The City of Helsinki hires roughly 1,000 young people for various positions every summer. The City of Helsinki supports 16–17-year-olds in particular in finding a summer job.

The City hires roughly 1,000 young people for various positions every summer. The work is assistive in nature, such as keeping elderly persons company, playing with children, cleaning and office duties. To be hired for a summer job, the young person must have turned 16 before the start of the employment relationship. A summer job gives you a hands-on opportunity to take care of Helsinki and its residents!

Read more on the Helsinkirekry website.

The summer job voucher now also applies to people born in 2004. Are you a young person from Helsinki? Born in 2004?

A successful summer job has encouraged many young people to continue in the same employer’s service later.

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