Loan camping equipment

Wempaimisto is a camping equipment rental company located at Östersundom Camping Centre. Wempaimisto lends tools to young people and groups of young people under the age of 29-years-old in Helsinki, youth organisations operating in Helsinki, the City’s industries and other organisations in Helsinki. Equipment is loaned only for domestic activities.

A private loanee must have a valid membership card for youth services, which can be obtained free of charge when borrowing. 13-28-year-olds can also download the membership card electronically. Minors are required to have guardian consent for this.

Supplies and equipment are only loaned to youth organisations, youth groups, City administrations, organisations and individuals operating in Helsinki. A private loanee (under 29 years old) must have a valid membership card for youth services, which can be obtained free-of-charge when making a loan.

You can borrow the following from Wempaimisto, e.g.

  • half platoon tent
  • tent
  • fire stove
  • ten-person tent
  • sledge
  • solar charger
  • space blanket
  • skis
  • binoculars
  • axe
  • compass
  • backpack
  • as well as other goods needed for forest and wilderness trips.

Organisations and educational institutions must have a power of attorney showing the signature of the chairman or secretary (in educational institutions, the principal) with their contact information and an official stamp. The loan centre’s equipment is meant for the use of schools, youth organisations and youth groups operating in the Helsinki area.

Bring your IDs. Private individuals can only borrow equipment for themselves, i.e. one tent, one Trangia, etc.