Support for activities

Would you like to organise activities yourself? The City can provide you with lots of help and support for your own activities.

You can read about the available services here!

Do it yourself, take action and make a difference

Need money, facilities or equipment for your own activities? The City of Helsinki Youth Services and the entire City can provide many kinds of support and help for young people’s own activities and youth associations.

This page features information about the different forms of support available for young people’s own activities. The links will direct you to facilities, financial support and other forms of assistance.

Financial support

Youth groups can apply for a project grant for youth groups called Sponssi. The Sponssi grant can be awarded for a wide variety of activities. The important thing is that the project is created by a youth group and involves young people. There are also grants for youth associations that Helsinki-based youth associations can apply for. For example, new Helsinki-based youth associations can apply for a start grant for launching their activities. 

Facilities, equipment and services

Youth Services have plenty of different facilities across the city that youth groups and Helsinki-based youth associations can reserve free of charge. Youth Services also have several locations that provide different kinds of equipment for borrowing. For example, you can borrow camping equipment from Wempaimisto and light and sound equipment from  the AV Lending Centre. If you are making music, you can use recording studios and band practice facilities.

Book spaces free of charge

The City of Helsinki has multi-purpose facilities in youth centres, at summer camps and at other locations around the city. Youth groups, associations and other actors can reserve these spaces for their own use for organising group and camp activities, for example.
Youth centres on the map and their contact details
Book spaces for youth activities

Helsinki City Libraries also provide a wide variety of services and facilities for young people and other residents to use. Did you know that in addition to books, you can borrow items such as ice skates, sewing machines and musical instruments from libraries!