House of Adventure is a location focused on adventure activities and education in Kallahti, Vuosaari. We organise groups, training and events at the House of Adventure

Welcome to House of Adventure!

The main target group of House of adventure’s activities is Helsinki-based youth groups. We organise training related to adventure activities for young people and instructors of youth activities, in addition to providing the skills, facilities and equipment needed for organising adventure activities.

Besides the House of Adventure, activities are also held in other environments, such as in nature in connection with excursions and camp activities as well as in natural environments by the sea.

Visiting address
Kallvikinniementie 10
00980 Helsinki
Postal address
P.O. Box 84404, 00099 City of Helsinki


  • Eetu Dammert, Nuoriso-ohjaaja, seikkailukasvattaja
    (09) 310 21593, 040 5751 108
  • Sampsa Vähä-Karvia, Nuoriso-ohjaaja, seikkailukasvattaja
    (09) 310 89097, 040 3347 209
  • Timo Haaksluoto, Nuoriso-ohjaaja, seikkailukasvattaja
    09 310 38628, 0405126623
  • Terhi Vainio, Asiakaspalveluneuvoja
    (09) 310 89038, 040 3348 059
  • Susanne Österlund-Toivonen, Toiminnanjohtaja
    (09) 310 89125, 050 5591 762

Youth center phone number: (09) 310 71653

Summer and winter seasons

The old house is cold in winter despite the heating. This does not prevent groupings in the yard, but it is good to take this into account when making reservations.

Upcoming events

  • nuorten lomatekemistä
  • Trip
  • participation
Wed 18.10.2023, at 11:00 - 18:00

Day hike at the House of Adventure

Seikkailutalo (House of Adventure), Kallvikinniementie 10, Helsinki