A versatile craft workshop in Kontula for all young people in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

You can find the entrance by taking the lift down in front of the youth centre and walking deeper inside through Kontulan Kuntokellari Gym.

Luuppi Youth Activity Centre in Kontula comprises many functions

Luuppi Youth Activity Centre in Kontula comprises many functions (youth centre, crafts workshop, indoor skatepark, and media and street art agency). They each offer meaningful and high-quality recreational activities for children, young people and young adults aged 9 to 17 (25). See the opening hours section for more detailed age group divisions.

Crafts at Askis

Crafts workshop Askis offers a safe and supervised environment for meeting up with your friends. The activities are for the most part open, i.e. young people can plan and implement activities at the youth centre together with youth workers.

800 m2 of recreational space and tools!

Askis offers a unique opportunity to work with wood, silver, stone, ceramics and recycled materials, for example. You are free to decide what you want to make, and all activities are carried out under the supervision and guidance of youth workers.

Our activities are, for the most part, free of charge. In some cases, we may charge a small material fee for the use of materials, depending on which materials are used in the works.

Come and join us if you want to learn something new or give your old items a new life by personalising or restoring them. Remember to ask for permission from your parents.

Get a membership card

You need a membership card, also known as jässäri, in order to participate in our activities. In addition to your contact details and permission to take photographs of you, the application also asks for your parents’ consent. Return the application to the youth centre. Individuals over the age of 12 can register online and send the form to their guardians for approval.

We are also happy to cooperate with parents. Guardians are welcome to come and check out the activities of Askis together with their children.


Visiting address
Ostostie 4
00940 Helsinki
Postal address
P.O. Box 94410, 00940 Helsinki


  • Tytti Punkka, nuoriso-ohjaaja
    040 5833 746
  • Petri Malmberg, nuoriso-ohjaaja
  • Outi Rantala, nuoriso-ohjaaja
  • Sari Granö, Director
    041 5121724

Youth center phone number: 09 310 89 148

Opening Times

Regular opening times:

14.00–16.30 (9-12 v.)
17-20 (13-25 v.)

Tuesday Closed

14.00–16.30 (9-12 v.)
17.00–20.00 (13-25 v.)

14.00–16.30 (9-12 v.)
17-20 (13-25 v.)
Clay workshop 14-16:30

14.00–17 (9-25 v.) Only jewellery workshop!

Upcoming events and hobbies

  • camps
  • outdoor recreation
  • food
10.6.2024 - 14.6.2024

Kesäleiri Granön saaressa!

Luuppi Nuorisotalo, Ostostie 4, Helsinki
  • camps
  • music
  • trips
01.7.2024 - 07.7.2024

Tsemppis!- Kesäleiri

Luuppi Nuorisotalo, Ostostie 4, Helsinki
Helsinkiläinen 122€, Sisaralennus 86€, Ulkopaikkakuntalainen 143€
  • camps
  • trips
  • fine arts
22.7.2024 - 28.7.2024


Luuppi Nuorisotalo, Ostostie 4, Helsinki