Take part and make a difference

Come make Helsinki a better place for everyone!
Helsinki provides plenty of different opportunities to influence your local area, hobby opportunities, the activities of your school or even matters concerning the entire world.

By participating, you can change the world.

We welcome you to participate, influence and do things yourself!

These pages provide information about influencing opportunities for young people of all ages in Helsinki. Here, you can find channels through which you can be heard and get to brainstorm with other people. There are also many kinds of support available for young people’s own projects.

The ‘Current news’ section below features all currently running or upcoming influencing opportunities.

Many of the influencing channels are up and running all year round, such as the young people’s initiative system, the Voice of the Young Editorial Board and support for the independent activities of groups of young people. Others have a set schedule for participation. For example, participatory budgeting and elections take place in the autumn.