Welcome to perform, see and experience Narri's theatre activities!

Narri’s theatre activities

Narri’s theatre activities offer developing and addictive theatrical acts for 9–29-year-olds. Narri’s theatre activities are part of the City of Helsinki’s Youth Services.
The theatre activities include youth theatre groups, camps, courses, workshops, performances, events, a forum theatre and Narri Stage

The core of theatre activities are youth theatre groups. The groups cover the entire academic year, from the beginning of September to the end of May. You are welcome to come and try things a few times. The theatre groups provide training in e.g. movement, speech and emotional expression, improvisations and role exercises. If desired, the groups may prepare a performance based on the wishes and ideas of the young people, usually in the spring.

Narri Stage

Narri Stage is the theatre space of the City of Helsinki’s Youth Services. The theatre hall of Narri Stage is located at Sörnäisten rantatie 31, on the third floor.

Narri’s theatre activities include 25 permanent theatre groups for young people aged 9-29-years-old. 13 of the groups train in the premises of Narri Stage in Sörnäinen and 12 in the youth and culture centres elsewhere in Helsinki.

The theatre hall of Narri Stage can be reserved, primarily for the use of performing arts by youth groups and associations in Helsinki.

Objective and value base

The aim of Narri’s theatre activities is to strengthen young people’s self-expression, self-confidence and well-being through theatre pedagogical methods. At their best, theatre groups, camps and courses offer an unforgettable experience of belonging to a group and the power of working together.

You do not need previous experience in doing theatre to participate in Narri’s theatre activities. Our premise is that every young person is valuable and interesting as they are. And because of this uniqueness, youth theatre is relevant.

The finesse of our theatre activities is created in an encouraging group, by working together and in self-expression, as well as in the presence of professional directors and in the enchanting atmosphere of theatre art.

Whether a Fool or a King,
everyone is wonderful in themselves!