LGBTQAI+ activities

We offer rainbow activities around Helsinki for young people aged 13–29 who belong to sexual and gender minorities and are considering taking part in rainbow themes.

Are you interested in rainbow activities?
Welcome to IrisHelsinki! IrisHelsinki offers an opportunity to meet nice new people, find a new hobby and get information and perspectives on the rainbow questions that you may have.

The values that are important to us are joy, respect and security, on the basis of which we have together created the principles of a safer state for our community. Mutual values and respect are important in our community, and we do not accept any form of discrimination, harassment or other inappropriate treatment.

We are all the best experts on ourselves and we should be allowed to live, be, express and define or not define ourselves in the best way for ourselves. It is also important is have fun together and be able to relax within a diverse community.

The young people participating in our activities have a wide range of life experiences and are guided by counsellors who are familiar with rainbow themes. We co-operate with various organisations, such as the Helsinki Pride Community .