Welcome to Kannelmäki Youth Centre

Our culture-oriented youth centre is located in Kannelmäki, on the lower floor of the cultural centre Kanneltalo, in the immediately vicinity of the train station.

Cultural youth work is emphasised in the building’s operations, which is visible in various events and recreational opportunities at the youth centre. The building features a studio, a band room, a hall suitable for dance and theatre activities, the crafts room Värkkäämö and Operaatio Pulssi activities. In addition to activities organised by the youth work unit, recreational activities are also offered by organisations and associations.

In our building, you can play pool and video games, record your own music at the studio, craft items, create art, practise making music, watch movies or simply hang out with your friends and youth workers.

Kannelmäki Youth Centre is a facility for young people

The youth centre’s activities are planned and implemented together with young people. You can work as an assistant instructor (youth-boss) in the building, or you can simply come visit and ask about our activities. A free membership card is required for participation in all activities of the youth centre. You can get one online or from any youth centre in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa.

Ecological youth centre

Environmental friendliness, recycling and nature influence all our activities. At the youth centre, we emphasise environmentally friendly purchases, sorting of waste and consideration of ecological aspects in small everyday actions.

Substance-free building

Youth centres are substance-free. This means that you will not be allowed inside the building while intoxicated, and no intoxicants of any kind may be brought inside our facilities. Energy drinks are likewise forbidden. If a young person is seen smoking or intoxicated, their guardians will always be notified.

Safe space

All young people are welcome at the youth centre, just as they are. Our building is a discrimination-free area. We intervene in arguments between children and young people and review the ground rules for the building, through which we seek to prevent conflicts.

Visiting address
Klaneettitie 5
00420 Helsinki
Postal address
P.O. Box 42404, 00099 City of Helsinki

Youth workers

  • Anna-Maria Kienanen, Ympäristötoiminta
    040 484 9940
  • Viktor Pohtokari, Studio- ja treenikämppävaraukset
    040 6212 732
  • Arja Huotari, Värkkäämö, kädentaidot ja kuvataide
    040 176 1147
  • Sari Parviainen, Värkkäämö, keramiikka ja kuvataide
    040 5904 197
  • Laura Arala, Operaatio Pulssin koordinaattori, yksikön harjoittelupaikkatiedustelut
  • Julia Jämiä, Kannelmäen nuorisotyöyksikön vastuuohjaaja, kulttuurisen nuorisotyön menetelmät, tilavaraukset
    040 6411 707
  • Marjo Poteri, Kannelmäen nuorisotyöyksikön toiminnanjohtaja
    040 3345 330

Youth center phone number: 040 334 8103

Opening times

Upcoming events

  • Operaatio Pulssi!
  • Operaatio Pulssi! Länsi
  • participation
12.1.2023 - 25.5.2023


Kannelmäki Youth Centre, Klaneettitie 5, Helsinki
  • Operaatio Pulssi!
  • Operaatio Pulssi! Länsi
  • participation
30.1.2023 - 13.2.2023


Kannelmäki Youth Centre, Klaneettitie 5, Helsinki
  • Operaatio Pulssi!
  • Operaatio Pulssi! Länsi
  • participation
13.2.2023 - 13.3.2023


Kannelmäki Youth Centre, Klaneettitie 5, Helsinki
  • Operaatio Pulssi!
  • Operaatio Pulssi! Länsi
  • youth budget
17.4.2023 - 09.6.2023

Purjehdus 7.6.-9.6.2023

Kannelmäki Youth Centre, Klaneettitie 5, Helsinki