Youth Centre Koralli in Ruoholahti


You can find Ruoholahti Youth Centre on the other side of the canal, in front of Selkämerenpuisto park. It is located within a five-minute walk from the metro station.

The youth centre also has equipment for playing pool, ping pong and table football as well as a PS4, an XBOX 360, a Nintendo Switch and many board and card games. You can try out various handicrafts in the crafts room, and there are all sorts of sofas and bean bags all around the youth centre for you to hang out.

The best atmosphere for everyone

Ruoholahti Youth Centre always has a great atmosphere, which is looked after by the youth workers. We plan and implement activities together with young people, so your ideas also matter to us!

Our building is a discrimination-free area. We immediately intervene in any and all types of bullying and discrimination in order for everyone to feel good and safe, just as they are.

The youth centre is a substance-free place

You are not allowed to bring substances to our facilities or come to the youth centre intoxicated. We will contact the guardian regarding a minor’s substance use.

Membership card

You need a membership card in order to visit the youth centre. You can get one free of charge, without it requiring anything of you.

Young people over the age of 13 can register for a membership card application by themselves at Finally, the application is confirmed by the young person’s guardian electronically.

For young people under the age of 13, the youth centre provides a paper form that must be filled in by the young person’s guardian and returned to the youth centre.

Visiting address
Messitytönkatu 4
00180 Helsinki
Postal address
P.O. Box 18401, 00099 City of Helsinki

Youth workers

  • Lumianna "Lumppa", Youth Worker
  • Billy Rivera Escamilla, Youth Worker
  • Sampo Isopuro, Youth Worker
  • Mervi Autio, Cultural Youth Worker
  • Sari Paakkari, Team manager
    09 31033791
  • Jaakko Rautavaara, Head of unit

Youth center phone number: 050 559 1776

We are here for you.

There are generally four of us youth workers bustling around our two-storey youth centre. You can come and talk, play games, sing, cook, play a musical instrument or simply hang out with us. We each have our own strengths.

Opening times

Spring season starts on January 8th.

First saturday of the season is January 13th and we are every other saturday open.

Children’s time for 3rd–6th graders (9–12-year-olds)

Mon 14:00–16:00
Wed 14:00–16:00
Thu 14:00–16:00
Fri 15:00–16:30

Every other Sat 15:00-16:30

Evening time for 7th graders and older young people (13–17-year-olds)

Mon 17:00–20:45
Wed 17:00–20:45
Thu 17:00–20:45
Fri 17:00–21:45

Every other Sat 17:00-21:45

Upcoming events and hobbies

  • kulttuuri
  • fine arts
04.3.2024 - 20.5.2024

Graffiti- ja Katutaidepaja

Ruoholahti Youth Centre, Messitytönkatu 4, Helsinki
  • kulttuuri
  • music
  • literary art
18.4.2024 - 16.5.2024


Ruoholahti Youth Centre, Messitytönkatu 4, Helsinki