Samir coded a mobile queueing service

“I learned a lot about coding, PHP and JavaScript,” Samir Kothari says Samir, 16, worked as a coder at Codemenders in Matinkylä, supported by the summer job voucher.

Samir finished Munkkiniemi upper stage comprehensive school in June and was accepted into Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Natural Sciences. He was intending to use the City of Helsinki’s summer job voucher for working in a customer service position like most students in his class. There was a job available at a pizzeria, but Samir was concerned about the COVID-19 risk in customer service since there are people in at-risk groups in his family.

Then, Samir heard via his father that Codemenders in Espoo are looking for a developer. Samir has learned the basics of the industry from his father who works at Google.

Codemenders is developing a remote queuing application for mobile devices. The basic idea of is that people in queues do not need to touch the same terminals or queue in the same lobby facilities. Samir’s job was to code register pages for a printer so that queue tickets for a company can be printed when needed. Sometimes, printing out a ticket is necessary since not everyone has a smartphone, and some companies want to offer a paper ticket to their customers.

Coding at Codemenders was a great experience. “My supervisor Aseem was patient and assisted me when I needed help. This also meaningful work,” Samir says. His code will be a part of Codemenders’ software.

A job with the summer job voucher may become the young person’s profession. “I’m interested in coding and space, so maybe I could combine them,” Samir says.

CEO of Codemenders Aseem Shakunthal is happy with Samir’s work and offered him additional work for 60 hours: “Samir is quick to learn and does his job well.” Samir is the company’s first employee hired with a summer job voucher. Last year, the intention was to hire a young person, but the candidates did not have the types of skills needed.

The summer job voucher is a great way of teaching young people about working life

Jasmin Ruokolainen, Head of Sales and Marketing, Codemenders