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Summer job seekers ask:

When can I get a Summer Job Voucher?

9th graders and pupils in the TUVA- grade (under 18 years old) living in Helsinki can apply for a Summer Job voucher from 14th February with an electronic form available on front page of this website.

I only moved to Helsinki in May; can I still get a Summer Job voucher?

If you have recently moved to Helsinki and are otherwise entitled to a Summer Job Voucher, you can order a residence certificate from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. Applicants registered as living in Helsinki on 1 June will receive a Summer Job Voucher. Further information

I lost my Summer Job voucher. What should I do?

The Summer Job Voucher is sent to your email. Check your inbox (and also your spam folder). If you still cannot find your Summer Job Voucher, follow the system instructions and order the Summer Job Voucher again

At Tuva-class there are young adults, that some are already 19-20-yeasr-old. Can they get a Summer Job Voucher?

The summer Job Voucher is for youth up to 18-years old and under. However, if the young adult has minor possibilities to get a summer job otherwise, then you have to refine your application. Then you have to remember to describe those difficulties in your application.
The idea of the Summer Job Voucher is to give youth possibilities to have a summer job and to get to know the working life. The Summer Job Voucher is originally based on the model Tutustu työelämään ja tienaa.

I won’t be using my summer job voucher. Can I use it next year or give it to a friend?

No, you cannot. The summer job voucher is personal and will only be valid for this summer.

I’ve found a summer job, and I’ll be starting soon. What should I remember?

Remember your bank account number and tax card. Have you signed a written employment contract with the employer?

When will I receive the EUR 350?

The City will pay your employer EUR 350, but the employer will pay you EUR 500 when you work for 60 hours.

Where can I find summer jobs?

The website of the summer job voucher includes advertisements for summer jobs. Please also ask about jobs from people you know and companies. Don’t forget to mention you have a summer job voucher. You can also see the jobs in the Responsible Summer Job campaign

Many employers offer password-protected application forms online. You can save your information on these forms and use them to apply for another job with the same employer.

You can also get tips for searching for summer jobs from recruitment events and similar. We will announce events on the summer job voucher’s Facebook page.

My parents own a restaurant, can I work for them for the summer?

You can, as long as they have a Finnish business ID and their tax payments are up-to-date.

I didn’t get the summer job I was promised. I showed up at the workplace and they told me that there’s no work.

I feel like something is not quite right at the workplace, what do I do?

The free Summer Job Helpline will be available from May onwards. They can instruct you if you are having problems with your summer job. The helpline also provides information about the rights and responsibilities of employees:

I got a summer job and signed a contract, but now the job has been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

If an employment contact has already been signed, the employer can only terminate the employment due to financial or production-related reasons or reasons related to the employee by following the period of notice. The actual start date of the job is not relevant. The coronavirus pandemic does not change these basic rules.

According to the temporary legislation that entered into force in April 2020, temporary employees (such as summer employees) can also be laid off.

I haven’t signed an employment contract, but I was promised a summer job.

If an employment contract has not been signed, the employer can cancel the summer job without any termination or lay-off procedures. In this case, the applicant unfortunately has no other choice but to search for a new summer job.

Can I work nights or evenings?

You can work in the evening, but not at night. The regular working hours of a young person aged 15 or older cannot exceed 8 hours a day or 40 days a week. The work shifts can only take place between 6:00 and 22:00.

I haven’t received a work certificate.

Please request it again. The employer is obligated to provide a work certificate after the employment has ended, if the employee so requests.

I’ll work longer than 60 hours. Will I get more money?

For the working hours exceeding 60 hours, you must receive at least the minimum pay specified in the industry’s collective agreement.

Jussi Hellsten

Employers ask:

I’m a private entrepreneur. Can I hire a young person with the summer job voucher?

Companies, associations, foundations and parishes can all hire a young person with the summer job voucher. The employer must have a Finnish business ID. The company’s information will be verified from the tax debt register. The employer cannot be a private individual, a municipality or the government.

I am a light entrepreneur or private trader; can I employ a youth with the Summer Job Voucher?

A light entrepreneur or a private trader cannot function, as an employer. Therefore, the young person with the Summer Job Voucher have to be in an employment relationship. The idea is that the youth is employed by the employer and not invoice the employer for the job done.

I’d like to hire a young person for a longer period with the summer job voucher.

The employer can also hire young people for more than 60 hours. In this case, the employer must pay the summer employee at least the minimum pay specified in the industry’s collective agreement also for the hours that exceed 60 hours. The employment period can also consist of several shorter periods during the validity period of the summer job voucher (1 June–13 August 2024).

Can I hire my own child with the summer job voucher?

You can hire your child. Your relationship to the employee is not relevant as long as the other conditions of the summer job voucher are met (see the section above).

Can I hire several young people?

If they wish, employers can also hire several young people with the summer job voucher during the summer. You can hire as many young people as you wish, as long as the other conditions of the summer job voucher are met (see the section above).

What is the pay of EUR 500 based on?

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