Kontula Youth Work Unit’s reservation instructions

The Kontula Youth Work Unit consists of the following locations: Luuppi Youth Activity Centre in Kontula (featuring a media and street art office, an arts and crafts workshop, a skateboarding hall and a youth centre) and Kivikko and Vesala Youth Centres.

Due to the unit’s own holiday activities, no reservations are granted during the following school holidays:

  1. Autumn break 17 October 2022 (Mon) – 23 October 2022 (Sun)
  2. Christmas break 22 December 2022 (Thu) – 8 January 2023 (Sun)
  3. Winter break 20 February 2023 (Mon) – 26 February 2023 (Sun)

Reservation cancellation terms:

  • Facility reservations may be cancelled free of charge two weeks before the reservation is scheduled to start. Cancellations made later are subject to a cancellation fee of €50.Myöhemmin tehdyistä peruutuksista veloitetaan 50 euron peruutusmaksu.
  • In the event of failure to cancel an unused permanent reservation twice in a row, Youth Services have the right to cancel the reservation until the end of the granting period.

Reservation instructions for the facilities:

  • The facilities may only be used at agreed upon times. A granted time slot includes getting started and finishing up.
  • The facilities must be returned to their original state before the reservation ends:
  • close all windows, return all items to their places, lock the front door.
  • Users must also tidy up after themselves:
  • empty the waste bins, clean visible debris off the floor, wipe the surfaces, wash the dishes.
  • Users will be responsible for any extra cleaning or guarding costs.
  • The youth centre staff must be notified immediately of any faults in the furnishings or other defects observed in the rooms. Users must compensate for any property that is damaged due to carelessness or goes missing.
  • People who are not part of the specified group must not be let into the youth centre facilities.
  • The following information must be entered in the youth centre’s organisation journal after every visit:
  • the group’s name, the time and the number of participants.
  • The keys and key cards of the youth centre must be returned to the youth centre for the duration of the summer break.
  • The youth centre is a substance-free place! The indoor facilities of the youth centres, as well as their front yard and backyard, are strictly smoke-free; smoking is prohibited in the vicinity of the youth centre!
  • The youth centres follow the City of Helsinki’s sustainable development programme. We do not use disposable tableware in situations other than outdoor events, and we sort our waste.
  • Please ask the youth centre staff for a familiarisation tour in the facilities, whereby the staff will show you where you can find the cleaning equipment, the organisation journal and other necessities.

If the instructions above are not adhered to, Youth Services have the right to cancel the reservation.