Askis wood workshop

Are you interested in woodworking? Do you not know where to go and how to start? Askis Luuppi’s wood workshop offers a range of opportunities for woodworking and professional instructors.

At the wood workshop, you can make almost anything out of wood, from decorative items to small pieces of furniture. The projects can be items you can make in a single session or works that take longer to make. You can come and work at Askis during open time slots.

At the wood workshop, we seek to implement works suitable for people of different ages and skill levels:

Beginners start by familiarising themselves with the basics and then move on to more demanding works by completing the different steps of a woodworking certificate.

More experienced individuals can work at their own pace, but we expect them to have a plan for what they want to build.

Come visit and ask if you have any questions. The wood workshop has separate time slots for children in the lower stage of comprehensive school and 13–29-year-olds.