Luuppi small group activities

In addition to our open house activities, we also have small group activities in which the young people and youth workers decide together what to do. For instance cooking, playing games, excursions and etc.

We have at least ping pongbilliard, and futsal clubs and are opened to suggestions and ideas for future clubs. For more information call us on 09 310 89145 or come for a visit. 

2023 Autumn



  • From 15 – 17:00 Futsal club at Hyl school (will inform soon when it will start)

Spring 2023

We will update the page as we go along, come back soon for more info.



  • From 14 – 16 pm Ping pong club at Vesala school.
  • From 16-17 Zodiak: Good Vibes East dances


  • Cooking and Bingo (every second Friday)
  • From 3 – 5 pm Futsal club at Hyl school starts on the 1st Oct.

Week 8: Ski holiday

  • Wed 22.2. from 16-17 Zodiak: Good Vibes East dances
  • Thur 23.2. from 17-20 Darts Event
  • Fri 24.2. from 18 – 19:30 Cooking
  • Sat 25.2. from 18 – 20 Billiard competition
  • Earth Hour


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