Östersundom Camp Centre is located in a new area of Helsinki near Porvoontie. Its facilities are available to young people, youth groups and youth organisations.

The camp centre is a former school building. The yard area includes a grilling spot and a large playing field. The magnificent natural landscapes of the Sipoonkorpi National Park are about ten kilometres away.

The camp centre also houses a camping equipment loan centre Wempaimisto.

Learn more about booking the Östersundom facilities here.


Östersundom Camp Centre is only open to groups (e.g. youth groups, organisations, associations and school camps) that have made a reservation in advance.

Visiting address
Knutersintie 915
00890 Helsinki
Postal address
P.O. Box 84404, 00099 City of Helsinki


  • Terhi Vainio, Asiakaspalveluneuvoja
    (09) 310 89038, 040 3348 059
  • Susanne Österlund-Toivonen, Toiminnanjohtaja
    (09) 310 89125, 050 5591 762
  • Kristina Heikkilä, Nuoriso-ohjaaja
    040 334 5117

Youth center phone number: (09) 310 23496


Camping Equipment Loans:

Opening times

Östersundom Camp Centre is open only to groups (e.g. youth groups, organisations, associations and school camps) that have made a reservation in advance.

Upcoming events and hobbies

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