Studio regulations for HUM studios

The HUM studio network provides opportunities for expressing yourself and making music free of charge. We kindly ask that you respect our rules when participating in our activities.

Studio rules: 

  • The studio is a place for creating audio or video. It is therefore not a place for just hanging out. 
  • You can only reserve the studio for one session at a time. An exception to this are separately agreed band recording sessions that involve building a larger microphone set-up. The larger set-up can be kept in place and the facility reserved for three days. 
  • Always make your reservation via the website. 
  • The studio offers two kinds of reservations: 
    An instructed studio session means that there will be an instructor at the studio to guide you and help you use the studio, make music, etc. (These reservation slots are marked in the calendar with the note ‘Studio vapaa – ohjaaja paikalla’ (‘Studio available – instructor present’)) 
    An independent session means studio time without an instructor present. Reserving such a session requires that the instructor knows the young people making the reservation and can be certain that they know how to use the studio equipment without supervision. The young people must also make an agreement for independent use. (These reservation slots are marked in the calendar with the note ‘VAIN OMAEHTOINEN KÄYTTÖ!’ (‘INDEPENDENT USE ONLY!’)) (Requires: training & user agreement for the facility) 
  • If there are empty slots with no text in the calendar, it means that the studio is not available at those times. 
  • If you do not attend your reserved session and do not notify the studio of running late within one hour of the start of the reservation, the slot will be given to a studio group. 
  • If you do not arrive at all and do not notify the studio of your absence, you will be prohibited from making reservations for a month. 
  • Mind the equipment when moving about in the studio. 
    The microphones and other studio equipment are expensive. For example, if you knock over a microphone stand, you may end up breaking an expensive microphone. In other words, be careful when moving about in the studio.
  • Accidents do happen, and it is always better to notify the studio of an accident than to not mention it. 
  • Any instances of studio equipment being stolen or broken on purpose will always be reported to the police! 
  • The person who made the reservation is responsible for the facility. 
  • All of the City of Helsinki’s facilities are substance-free, including tobacco products, snuff, alcohol and drugs! The prohibition covers the studios as well. 
  • Always leave the studio in the condition in which it was when your session began! 
  • If you bring something to the studio, remember to take it away as well.
  • In the studio, you are allowed to feel emotions and enjoy making music, audio, video and art! See you there!