Services, Meriharju Camp Centre

The surroundings of the Meriharju Nature House and Camp Centre offer great opportunities for outdoor activities and hiking. Meriharju Camping Centre guests can also borrow various equipment.

For outdoor use:

  • Equipment for group activity: team building skis, a pen moved by a large group, etc.
  • Snow shoes, 12 pcs (adjustable size, suitable for people aged roughly 12 and up)
  • Pancake pans and skewers for campfire cooking

Other interesting and useful features:

History room

Located on the second floor of the building, behind the dining hall. In this room, you can find a brief historical account of Meriharju’s past and photos from when the building housed a home help college.

Uutela nature trail

The Uutela area has a nature trail along which you can explore forest and pasture landscapes, gloe lakes, roches moutonnées and coastal meadows, among other things. In Uutela, you can also explore the herptile trail, Finland’s only nature trail featuring reptiles and amphibians.
Uutela Nature Trail | City of Helsinki
Uutela Herptile Trail | City of Helsinki