Edible Park details and equipment

The Edible Park’s community garden and urban environment in Mustikkamaa offers an incredible summer setting for creative and nature-themed activities.

When deciding on reservations, priority is given to Helsinki-based youth organisations and groups. Reservations are free of charge for these groups. The park is available during the summer season from 1 May to 30 September.

Reservable facilities

  • Cottage: The cottage includes two rooms, one of which has a kitchen. The cottage also has a toilet.
  • Garden area: The garden includes the so-called upper yard, which has a covered pergola, 3 or 4 garden tables and a small terrace on which some of the tables are usually placed.
  • Cultivation area: This area includes the entire garden area but above all the cultivation area running up the slope and the associated storage building.
  • Henhouse and the small hen house storage building: A henhouse, an outdoor yard for chickens and a storage building for chicken supplies.

Cottage equipment

The old wooden building, which is in its original condition, consists of three separate rooms and a toilet. The cottage also provides a WiFi access.

A more detailed floor plan of the cottage:

Café room equipment:

  • Tableware for around 16 people: coffee cups, saucers, cutlery
  • 2 movable tables, serving as a café counter
  • Cookware such as sauce pans, frying pans and bowls
  • A kettle and a coffee maker
  • A refrigerator and freezer
  • A dishwasher

Back room equipment:

The room can be used as a break room or a small meeting room.

  • A small fridge
  • A table and 4 chairs
  • Storage facilities


Our outdoor storage has folding chairs and tables that can be used as outdoor furniture. There is also a platform in the yard with an outdoor table and a pergola.

General instructions for facility users

The facilities are used on a self-service basis, which means you must leave them as tidy as they were when you arrived. 

Special attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the kitchen, stove, kitchenware and yard because the next group might arrive right after you. You should therefore allow enough time for the final cleaning and putting everything back in its place. If something breaks during your reservation, you must inform the staff. 

Onboarding, user agreement and keys

Users of the facilities always conclude an agreement on independent use. It may only be signed by an adult responsible for the group, who must present their ID. When you sign the agreement, we hand over the key and explain how the facilities should be used.

You should always agree on this onboarding well in advance with the staff. The facility includes an information folder with important instructions, information about the region and an emergency plan.

Internet access

The park has its own network, whose the password can be found in the information folder.

No smoking

The indoor and yard areas of the Edible Park are spaces where no smoking, alcohol or drugs are allowed, and where the principles of smoke-free Helsinki must be followed. 


Youth Services units operate sustainably, which means that the operations are as environmentally friendly as possible. The Youth Services have been awarded the EcoCompass certificate.