Services Bengtsår

Bengtsår camping island offers various services to those who have made a reservation.

Services in the summer

Campers have access to:

  • A large sports field.
  • Various recreational equipment, such as canoes, kayaks, dinghies and pedalos.
  • Various outdoor game equipment, a disc golf course and discs as well as nature observation equipment, including binoculars.
  • Equipment such as disco and karaoke equipment can also be borrowed for the camping area.
  • Small-scale programme packages available for independent use include photo orienteering in Bengtsår and the Baltic Sea nature trail, among other things.

Additionally, the island houses the Beach Sauna and Seaside Sauna, which are also used for accommodation in the winter, as well as a nature trail, two lean-tos and a hut. The old barn has been restored into a venue for parties and discos.

Old barn

Sauna and canoe excursion reservations

Please make your reservations for saunas, beach time slots, facilities, activity materials, equipment loans, canoe excursions and other services in May, before the camping season starts. By making your reservations on time, it is more likely for you to get the services you want on the desired date.

Reservations are accepted by e-mail via after the release of the spring info letter. Starting from mid-May, services can also be reserved by calling the island’s camp manager at 040 358 3214.

Kayaks at the activity beach

Kitchen services

Basic ingredients for preparing breakfast and an evening snack are distributed to every camp in conjunction with dinner, and more supplies are provided as the camp progresses. The meals for the camps are prepared in the kitchen, from where they are delivered separately to the camping areas to be served by the camps themselves.

  • On the main island, the campers’ meals are taken to the camping areas, and the transport containers used for the previous meal are collected on the same trip. Lunch is delivered around 11:00–11:30 and dinner is delivered around 16:00–16:30 (any special needs and wishes must be agreed upon separately for each camp with the kitchen manager).
  • The campers on the islands of Barnholm and Aspholm pick up their meals from the pick-up point in the boat shelter, to which the meals are delivered in thermal food containers: lunch at 11:30 and dinner at 16:30.
  • All campers must bring their own eating utensils.
  • Exceptional arrangements must be agreed upon with the kitchen manager well in advance.

The kitchen manager must be notified of the exact number of diners, allergies and special diets no later than two (2) weeks before the campers’ arrival. Fill in the meal information form and e-mail it to

When arriving on the island, you must contact the kitchen manager as soon as possible to agree upon further details. The kitchen manager is on duty 9:00–11:00 and 14:00–16:00, tel. (09) 310 891 38. If you encounter a problem in the evening, please call the island’s on-call worker, tel. 050 559 1729.

  • All campers must bring their own eating utensils. Those who use the kitchen services must agree upon their needs with the island’s kitchen manager well in advance.
  • In unclear cases, please contact our kitchen manager in advance at (09) 310 89138. Our kitchen manager can be reached between 16 May and 15 August.
Main building

Climate menu

Bengtsår camping island uses a climate menu. The percentage accounted for by food of the climate effects of consumption is approximately equal to the percentages accounted for by transport or housing. With the climate menu, we want to give visibility to the fact that everyone should be aware of the consequences of their diet to the climate. Climate-friendly food is also good for the heart.

In collaboration with

Transport services

The island’s connection boat operates every day between 1 June and 10 August, with the exception of Midsummer at 8:45 and 14:50. The departure times are listed for the island’s main beach, and the boat arrives on the mainland roughly 10 minutes later. The boat sets out to return to the island immediately after visiting the mainland.

All the camps travelling to and leaving the island agree upon their arrival and departure schedules separately, in addition to their other transport needs.

The motorboats intended for use by camps are kept at the island’s main dock. They can be used for small deliveries within the camps, and they are available for loan via the island’s information point (similarly to other equipment). The boats available for loan are equipped with an electric outboard motor, and users are provided with guidance in their use before a boat is loaned out to camps.
Main dock and water bus.