Book a facility at Munkkiniemi Youth Centre

At present, activities may not be organised in our facilities!

Munkkiniemi Youth Centre can be booked for use by private individuals and organisations. Organisations can book our facilities outside our own activities. It is also possible to stay overnight at Munkkiniemi Youth Centre. The facilities may be booked for individual events or regular use.

Facility reservations are primarily granted to Helsinki-based youth groups and youth organisations, which can use the facilities free of charge. The facilities can also be booked and rented for other use, in which case the fee is determined according to the pricing approved by the Youth Committee.

Applications for permanent reservations of youth facilities for the autumn–spring 2020/2021 operating period must be submitted by the last weekday of April. If the last day of the application period is a Saturday or a public holiday, the application must be submitted by 16:00 on the previous weekday. Applications are to be submitted to the facility you wish to reserve. Applicants are notified of the decisions on permanent/regular reservations for the operating period by the end of May.

The facilities can also be booked temporarily for individual events, among other things. You can ask about and book vacant time slots around the year by e-mailing Heidi Saukkonen, the youth worker in charge.

Reservation instructions

  1. Contact Heidi Saukkonen (, the youth worker in charge at Munkkiniemi Youth Centre, and tell her which facilities you need and when.
  2. Fill in a reservation application and bring it to the youth facility during its opening hours or send it by post to PO Box 33404, 00099 City of Helsinki. You can also e-mail the application, signed and scanned, to

Instructions for youth facilities

During the handover of the key, an individual over the age of 18 signs an agreement on the independent use of the facilities with Youth Services.

Youth Services locations seek to follow a sustainable lifestyle, which requires all users to at least sort their rubbish and avoid unnecessary consumption of energy and use of disposable containers. The facilities of Youth Services and their yard areas are substance-free areas, and we follow the principles of the Smoke-free Helsinki programme.

Cancellation terms for facility reservations and amendment of the price

In the event of failure to cancel an unused permanent reservation twice in a row, Youth Services may interpret this to mean that the reservation has been relinquished until the end of the operating period.

The administration may, for a justified reason, decide to amend the price in the final minutes prepared by an office holder if requested by an applicant in writing.

Instructions related to reservations:

Innan turen

  • Before your reservation starts, schedule a meeting with the contact person for the handover of the keys and a safety walk-around. Without this, your reservation cannot begin.
  • Go through the safety instructions for the facilities.
  • Please note that people not included in your group/activities must not be allowed inside Youth Services’ facilities. Our building does not have a building manager and our front door is locked, which means that you will have to let your entire group in yourselves.

At the end of your reservation

  • Tidy up the facilities you have used and return everything to its original order. Wash the dishes and put them back in their places, sort your rubbish into the recycling bins and ensure that the toilet facilities are clean. You can find cleaning supplies in the kitchen and the storage facility in the lobby.
  • If you notice any defects in the facilities or broken items or furniture, please leave a note for the youth worker in charge in the folder for organisational users or e-mail the youth worker.
  • At the end of your reservation, remember to sign for each of your visits in the organisation journal. This is particularly important because we monitor the amount of use and the realisation of reservations applied for.
  • When leaving, please ensure that all the facilities have been vacated. Make sure that the doors (emergency exits included) and windows have been locked. Switch off the lights in all the rooms.
  • After individual reservations, return the keys as agreed.

After your reservation

  • We hope that you made many good memories at the youth centre.
  • If your reservation is subject to a fee, we will send you the invoice for the use of the facilities within approximately a month of the end of your reservation.

Give feedback

Our intention is to serve users of the youth centre as well as possible according to their needs. We continuously seek to develop the facilities, which is why your wishes, needs and experiences are important to us.

We would like to receive feedback on the success of your reservation and ideas for the development of the facilities. Thank you in advance for your participation. You can send your feedback by e-mail or give it to us when handing over the keys.