Western Luotsi (Länsiluotsi)

Luotsi offers all kinds of fun activities, support in various situations, new experiences, company of peers and help from a familiar instructor, if necessary. Western Luotsi operates in eastern and southeastern Helsinki. Its activities are intended for upper stage comprehensive school pupils (aged 12–15).

At Luotsi, you and your instructor and guardian will prepare a bespoke plan regarding your activities, support needs, and personal goals. Luotsi’s instructors will contact your guardians. They can talk about your affairs and Luotsi with your family.

Luotsi’s instructors work with student health care staff and teachers in matters related to schoolwork. Participating in the Luotsi activities is voluntary, but requires commitment.

Luotsi’s goals are:

  • to improve a young person’s capabilities, possibilities and abilities in various environments and groups
  • to provide a young person with positive experiences
  • to find suitable and fun recreational activities and hobbies
  • to offer shared activities and service guidance to young people and their guardians
  • to offer support in needs related to school or other life situations.

Are you interested?

The Luotsi application form can be filled in by a guardian or another adult who works with the young person. The form must be sent to one of Western Luotsi employees by secure e-mail or to Malminkartano Youth Center (Piianpolku 3-5, 00410 Helsinki). Luotsi will then contact the young person and their family and agree on a joint initiation meeting. A network will be created to monitor the young person’s progress. This network will jointly agree on the young person’s individual goals with regard to Luotsi.

Western Luotsi contact addresses:

Jouni Aalto
Länsiluotsi youth worker
040 6555137

Joni Riihonen
Länsiluotsi youth worker
040 3347231

Josefiia Kärkelä
Länsiluotsi youth worker
040 1836971

Marjo Poteri
Operational director
Kannelmäki Youth Unit
09 310 89033