The Granö camping area offers great opportunities for adventure and camp activities, even for larger groups of people!

The island of Granö is east of Östersundom, near Vuosaari Harbour. Granö is a peaceful wooded island with a great terrain for hiking.

Granö is suitable for various nature camps. The yard of the camping area includes a covered dining area, an outdoor kitchen and a sauna. The pier can be used for swimming. On the beach, you will find a rowing boat, kayaks and canoes.

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Visiting address
Laiturikuja 1
00980 Helsinki
Postal address
P.O. Box 84404, 00099 City of Helsinki


  • Samuli Halme, Nuoriso-ohjaaja, veneenkuljettaja
    (09) 310 71668, 050 5591 760
  • Eetu Dammert, Nuoriso-ohjaaja, seikkailukasvattaja
    (09) 310 21593, 040 5751 108
  • Susanne Österlund-Toivonen, Toiminnanjohtaja
    (09) 310 89125, 050 5591 762

Youth center phone number: (09) 310 71653


Summer and winter season

Summer and winter season: The camping area is not in use in the winter. Reservations can be applied for from May to October.

Upcoming events and hobbies

No upcoming events and hobbies