Granö camping area, details and equipment

In addition to holiday properties, the island also houses a camping area of the City of Helsinki Youth Services. It is separated from the mainland by a roughly one-kilometre-wide strait.

To the west, on the opposite shore of Kalkkisaarenselkä, are the nearest piers of Vuosaari Harbour, to the north are the Karhusaari and Talosaari islands, and to the south is Mölandet. The facilities of the City of Helsinki are spaces where no smoking, alcohol or drugs are allowed, and where the principles of smoke-free Helsinki must be followed.

Camping area equipment

  • The camping area has a fireplace-heated building that can accommodate 12 overnight visitors. Inside the building, you will find tableware, dining tables and mattresses.
  • The building also has a solar-powered refrigerator. Mains power is unavailable, and electricity is generated by the solar panels on the roof.  
  • The area includes a dining shelter that can accommodate about 20 people.
  • An outdoor kitchen with a gas stove and gas grill, as well as a dishwashing station.  
  • A playing field, a campfire spot, canoes, kayaks and a rowing boat. 
  • In its own peaceful spot at the edge of the camping area lies Kotalaavu, a lean-to equipped with a fire pit. 

Instructions for overnight visitors

  1. The City of Helsinki’s facilities are smoke-free and substance-free, and the principles of the Smoke-free Helsinki programme are followed in them.
  2. Familiarise yourself with the emergency exits.
  3. The use of candles and other open fire is forbidden in the accommodation facility and the sauna.
  4. Check where the smoke alarms and fire extinguishers are and that they work.
  5. Familiarise yourself with the rescue plan, which you can find in the folder on a shelf inside the accommodation facility.
  6. The distance between the campfire spot and the building is four metres.
  7. To give neighbours peace, the hours from 23:00 to 7:00 are quiet hours.
  8. Rowing to a private shore is forbidden. Row along the island’s shore or stay within 100 metres of it if you go on an excursion.


  • Sweep and wash the floors of the accommodation facility and the sauna
  • Wash your dishes and leave the dish washing station tidy for the next user
  • Sort your rubbish and take it with you when you leave the island
  • Do not leave any food, drinks or clothes in the camping area
  • The user must empty and clean the toilets
  • Turn off the refrigerator and solar panel system