Children’s Traffic Town

Children’s Traffic Town provides children and families with an opportunity to practise how to navigate traffic safely, both in theory and practice.

During the school holiday week 42 we are open to visitors of all ages. Get to know the wonderful world of traffic Mon-Fri 18-22.10. and Sun 24.10. 10 am. to 4 pm. During the autumn holidays, there is no café on our premises and snack eating is limited to the outdoors.

The Traffic Town provides high-quality traffic education for children and families, free of charge. Activities are organised in as safe and high-quality manner as possible. Just like last summer, however, we are still forced to restrict our activities.


Due to the restrictions, the activities and visits each last for a total of 30 minutes on each day. We take the regulations and instructions concerning the exceptional circumstances strictly into account and may also have to limit the number of people participating in the activities and admitted into the area.
Only come if you are completely symptom-free. People visiting the area are required to disinfect their hands and maintain safe distances. We also disinfect the equipment and other touch surfaces regularly.
  • All activities take place outdoors, regardless of weather. ☀️🌤🌦🌧🌨
  • The toilets are open to customers.

During activities, use of modes of transport requiring a helmet is not allowed in the area.

For the time being, cycling and the use of equipment such as kick scooters is not allowed within the Traffic Town during activities, even if you are using your own equipment, as their use in our activities would require our instructors to check and adjust bicycle helmets, and we are forced to avoid close contact.

Snacks and the kiosk 🍴🍎

Please eat any food you bring with you outside the area, so that we do not have to limit the number of people admitted inside the Traffic Town. There are several areas suitable for eating snacks nearby.
There is also a small kiosk operating within the Traffic Town’s area, where you can buy coffee, other beverages and snack bars, for example. The kiosk has a limited selection and accepts cards and MobilePay as means of payment.

How to get there

The car park of Laakso Riding Field, located next to the Traffic Town, is reserved or closed for a part of the summer. Parking may be possible in the car park of Helsinki Ice Hall. We recommend coming by public transport, on foot or by bicycle. Find your transport connections at


We do not offer separate group activities that you can book. If you are planning on visiting with a larger group, please contact us in advance by calling 09 310 89047. The maximum group size is 10 children.

Visiting address
Auroranportti 2
00250 Helsinki
Postal address
P.O. Box 10400, 00099 City of Helsinki


  • Matti Saarto, Vastaava ohjaaja, koordinaattori
  • Petri Koikkalainen, Nuoriso-ohjaaja
  • Silja Muuri-Möykky, Nuoriso-ohjaaja

Youth center phone number: (09) 310 89047

Opening times

Mon-Thu 9.00–16.00

Fri and Sun 10.00–16.00

Note: All children who want to drive pedal cars must participate in teaching. We recommend bringing your own driving gloves.

Upcoming events and hobbies

No upcoming events and hobbies