Youth Kitchen

Waste food is used for cooking delicious treats at Lämpiö every week. The waste food is provided by the Alepa grocery store in Pohjois-Haaga and HOK-Elanto.

Here at Lämpiö, young people get to make their own tasty treats from waste food. Once a week, we receive products that have passed their expiration date from the Alepa grocery store in Pohjois-Haaga. You can cook with these products at Lämpiö with other young people and youth workers.

The only limit is your imagination!

In the youth kitchen, the only limit is your imagination. Each time, we adapt and create new taste experiences, as the food is prepared from whichever ingredients we happen to get from the store.

The youth kitchen is also a place of learning:

  • Learning cooking and kitchen skills
  • Learning how to prepare food from the ingredients you happen to have at home
  • Reducing food waste together
  • Sustainable development is the starting point of thinking in the youth kitchen

2006 Youth Services starts collaborating with HOK-Elanto.
2017 Youth kitchen activities start at the Haaga Youth Work Unit.

Pia Inberg