Pet Cafés

A pet café is a concept planned and hoped for by young people that allows pets to be brought to the youth centre, creating low-threshold activity for people of all ages. The first café was organised in 2017.

Learn to understand animals

Young people wished for a safe place where people can bring their own pets, allowing children, young people and adults to get to know various pets.

The pet café concept has been developed over the years. Our goal is to strengthen the understanding and notions of interacting with animals, animal behaviour and the things needed in animal care by talking and in practice. You can also bring your own pet to pet cafés to introduce them to a different environment, people and other animals.

Cooperation partners

Our cooperation partners are Animal Welfare Finland (SEY) and Korkeasaari Zoo. Pet cafés feature changing themes, such as dog café, cat café, rodent café or bunny/dog café. On occasion, experts also come to share information and discuss different topics.

Come and join us!

You can suggest themes and content for the next pet cafés! We are also continuously looking for 15–17-year-olds to plan and implement pet café activities, so if you are interested, do not hesitate to join us!