Peer instructors

Being a peer instructor means producing activities for other young people around the same age independently with backing from youth workers.

Peer instructors often lead activities inside youth facilities, but activities are also produced in a variety of forms in other operating environments, such as various events.

Learning through practical work

Young people practise their interpersonal and group work skills with their own team of peer instructors and the young people who participate in the activities. Peer instructors also participate in various training days. Peer instructors assess the activities and their own development regularly with the help of a self-assessment model and personal goal-setting and performance reviews.

Maarit Hohteri

The team of peer instructors at Hertsi primarily organises activities at Hertsi Youth Club on Saturday evenings and during holidays.

Peer instructors allow the youth facility to stay open through their own actions. Hertsi Youth Club is a safe place for young people to assemble, see their friends and spend their free time.

Young people interested in the activities are chosen for the group based on applications and interviews. Peer instructors undertake to produce activities with the youth work unit’s personnel for a period of time agreed upon.

At the end of the period, peer instructors get to go on a study trip, for which an itinerary and learning goals are prepared. The study trip destination must be within Europe.