DJ Academy Helsinki

DJ Academy workshops teach mixing, scratching and juggling.

Meaningful things to do, new friends and a multi-skilled music community. Come to DJ Academy!

Admission to the DJ Academy’s weekly courses is free-of-charge and there is plenty to do for beginners, as well as more advanced 13-29 yo players.

In addition to weekly course activities, there are events and masterclass classes from other professionals in the field. There is no genre limit to the courses, you can come exactly as you are and play the style of music that suits you!

The course is generally open all year round, according to Tiivistämö’s general opening hours. You can jump in whenever you wish, as despite group activities, the instruction is also strongly focused on the individual.


DJ Academy Helsinki is a place for everyone interested in DJ culture and playing. It was founded by Jere “Isku” Pehkonen and Rozza Dragoz at Tiivistämö. Aatu ”TNA” Antikainen ja Iiro ”Diron” Hyvönen joined the team in 2022.

DJ Academy on Instagram

⭐️ Rozza Dragoz – DJ Academy’s manager and producer

Instagram: streetsoul.rozza

Instagram: Tiivistamo

⭐️ Jere “Isku” Pehkonen – a multi-expert in the field of music

In addition to the Finnish beatboxing championship, Isku has a long background as a rapper, DJ and music producer. Influences in the band Winning Team as a producer and songwriter, DJ Academy Helsinki as a DJ instructor. There is enough genre scale from EDM to rap and scratching.

Instagram: Isku


Jere “Isku” Pehkonen on musiikkialan moniosaaja

⭐️ Iiro ”Diron” Hyvönen

Long-time DJ, producer and DJ Academy instructor, who has self-taught developed his skills for several years in Finland’s biggest stages.

Instagram: DIRON

Spotify: Diron

⭐️ Aatu ”TNA” Antikainen

Aatu is a technically skilled DJ with many years of experience. Aatu’s strengths are fast mixing, quick changes and creative double drops. In addition, Aatu photographs, designs graphics and implements event technology.

Instagram: aatugraphy


⭐️Oskari Mykkänen

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