Open gaming activities in youth centres

All game equipment is at your disposal free of charge during the opening hours of the youth centres. The only requirement is that you have a free-of-charge, valid Youth Services membership card.

In Helsinki, open PC gaming activities for 9–17-year-olds are organised in six different youth centres. In gaming activities, you get to play on powerful gaming computers, consoles, and more traditional board and card games. Gaming is an activity open to everyone, where you can play with other young people and skilled workers. All our activities are non-discriminatory. In our operations, we follow the recommended age limits.

There are also open gaming activities held in libraries

Gaming is a social activity. In small libraries, the sharing of space can sometimes be impossible, so you need to allocate the time you spend to louder and quieter activities. A larger library has more facilities where gaming enthusiasts and clubs can gather. You may also want to check the group and meeting facilities in the libraries if you need a game room for your group to use. Detailed information about the facilities can be found on each library’s own website. During a game week in mid-November, hundreds of different game events can be found in libraries all over Finland.

Pelin paikka LIVE

Pelin paikka LIVE is game content produced by the library. The videos cover everything related to games and gaming.

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