Groups and events of young people’s enviromental activities

While we are searching for new premises, we are organising environmental activities for young people around Helsinki. More information on the Youth Environment Space’s small groups and how to register for them. You can e-mail us directly at to ask about possible small groups.

Ethical food activities:

The ethical food activities of the Youth Environment Space focus on learning about the preparation of ecologically sustainable and environmentally friendly food. 

Cooking courses

Established groups of young people or, for example, friend groups can plan with an instructor a cooking course of 2–6 meetings that is suitable for them. The themes, recipes and schedules of the course are decided by the group. For more information about cooking courses, please contact youth worker Nina von Gruenewaldt (+358 40 661 0142).


The young people’s Ecocafé of the Youth Environment Space serves customers during events at the environment space and, in the summer, in Youth Island Gallery on Vartiosaari island in Helsinki. The café is run by young people under the guidance of an instructor. For more information about the Ecocafé, please contact youth worker Nina von Gruenewaldt (+358 40 661 0142).

Adventure club

Climbing the Himalayas? Diving in caves? Paragliding? Not just yet, let’s start with the easier adventures first. 

The adventure club is about camping, climbing, canoeing and trying other exciting activities. The club meets on Wednesdays from 17.00 to 19.00 at the House of Adventure in Vuosaari. The activities of the group are intended for young people aged 12–18. For more information, please contact youth worker Sampsa Vähä-Karvia (+358 40 334 7209). 

Harkiten Henkariin activities

Would you like to visit flea markets or prepare natural cosmetics in good company?

The activities of Harkiten Henkariin focus on learning about sustainable purchases, organising flea market visits and different kinds of events and preparing natural cosmetics together with others. The themes, places and times of the meetings vary. The activities are intended for young people aged 13–25. If you would like to hear more about the content and schedule of the activities, please contact youth worker Wilhelmiina Seppä-Ojanperä (+358 40 180 1764). 

The Harkiten Henkariin group will organise an event for sustainable consumption on Sunday, 24 September from 13.00 to 17.00 in Tiivistämö, Suvilahti. The event will feature performances, workshops and a youth flea market. Come and enjoy yourself!

Animal activity group

What kind of pet would be right for you? Would you like to have a pet, but cannot have one at home?

In this group, you get to spend time with animals, be active with them and take care of them. The programme includes things such as animal guests, pet café evenings we organise together, information about pets, animal visits to various places and other animal-related group activities.  

The group meets on Mondays at the Laajasalo youth centre from 17.00 to 19.00.  
The activities are intended for young people aged 12–17.  For more information, please contact youth worker Aniela Ahtola (+358 40 6582 799).