Free-of-charge leisure activities for pupils in grades 3–9!

The Finnish model for leisure activities offers a huge variety of activities in and around Helsinki’s schools. Discover free-of-charge after-school activities on the Hobbies-website or on the schools’ websites. You can also take part in leisure activities at another school. Come and join us and bring a friend!

What are my options?

The leisure activities have been chosen based on the wishes of children and young people living in Helsinki. Each Helsinki school offers three different types of leisure activities to choose from: sports, culture and digital or other.

At the moment, you can choose your favourite activity from over 30 different options. You might be interested in, for example, parkour, football, basketball, gym training, climbing, circus, dance, theatre, visual arts, cinema, animation, cooking, history, coding, game design or activities with animals. Come and discover a new hobby with us!

The new hobby season starts on 2 September 2024. The activities for the school year 2024-2025 will be published on the Hobbies-website och on the schools’ websites at the end of August.

How do I get in?

  1. Go to the on the Hobbies-website or look for your school in the list below and click on the link to your schools’ website.
  2. Explore the options at your school (Clubs and Hobbies at our school). Activities are primarily intended for the school’s own pupils. You can also choose an activity organised at another school.
  3. Enrol directly with the organiser. Hobby groups are filled based on the order of enrollments. You are welcome to visit the group without enrollment if there is space.

In Helsinki, pupils in grades 3–9 can enrol for leisure activities:

Who invented the Finnish model for leisure activities?

The Finnish Model for Leisure Activities is a national operating model funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the City of Helsinki. The model offers free-of-charge leisure activities in connection with the school day in order to improve the well-being of children and young people. The project was launched in 2021 and now includes about 250 municipalities all over Finland.

In Helsinki, free-of-charge leisure activities after the school day have become a permanent operating model. Leisure activities under the Finnish model are offered in all comprehensive schools in Helsinki and in most private, state and contractual schools.

The City of Helsinki is committed to improving opportunities for children and young people to have hobbies on the basis of the following principles:

· Preventing social exclusion

· Reducing inequality

· Improving well-being

· Empathy skills

· Creativity and critical thinking

· Supporting physical exercise

· Alleviating loneliness; supporting friendships

· Supporting families

· Increasing skills, sense of achievement, strengthening the identity of children and young peopl