The Ohjaamo compulsory education team

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Jussi Hellsten

The Ohjaamo compulsory education team

The Ohjaamo compulsory education team consists of guidance counsellors, a social worker, a public health nurse and compulsory education counsellors. The compulsory education team’s task is to contact young people aged 15–17 who do not have a place of study and are of compulsory education age according to the law. Schools and institutions report the young person’s information to the compulsory education team when studies have been interrupted, the young person has not received a place of study or has not yet started in their new place of study. The City of Helsinki supervises and guides that Helsinki residents complete their compulsory education.

The team discusses the young person’s plans together with them and their guardian and, based on that, reviews the opportunity for further studies individually for each young person.

The young person receives support for applying for further studies and receiving other support services, if necessary. The compulsory education team is located in Ohjaamo, and it is part of the City of Helsinki’s operations.

The team’s services are free of charge, and the service is available in Finnish and Swedish.

If you have any questions about compulsory education, you can contact the team via e-mail.


Primary contact channel

Compulsory education counsellors
Anne Laine
tel. 040 678 1883/ 09 310 78080

Hanna Koponen
tel. 040 594 2312/ 09 310 31055

Hanna Haapala
040 482 4539/ 09 310 31023

Katri Erkkilä
tel. 040 168 0083/ 09 310 37653

Guidance counsellors

Sanna Myöhänen  
tel. 040 623 8230/ 09 310 38820 

Patricia Cederlöf (palvelu myös ruotsiksi) 
tel. 040 775 3816/ 09 310 22018 

Public health nurse

Maarit Makkonen  
tel. 050 352 7850/ 09 310 46731 

Social worker

Nelli Kähärä 
tel. 040 686 1504/ 09 310 56222