Anxiety and depression

Anxiety is a human feeling designed to warn us about dangerous situations.

Everyone has difficult moments in their life. Anxiety, sadness, melancholy and depression are all part of life. They may be related to loss or disappointment, for example.

Passing feelings of anxiety and depression are common among young people. Anxiety or depression may be caused by a disorder if it is repeating or prolonged, or if it causes clear difficulties or suffering.

Anxiety may emerge in many ways, such as generalised anxiety, social anxiety, fear of public places, panic attacks or compulsive behaviour.

Prolonged depressed or irritated mood, loss of interest or pleasure and fatigue despite sufficient sleep are some of the symptoms of depression. Other symptoms include problems with sleep, changes in appetite, low self-esteem, hopelessness and self-harming.

It is common for anxiety disorders and depression to occur at the same time. There is discussion support available for anxiety and depression, and sometimes medication and/or psychotherapy may also be necessary.

Where do I get help?

You can talk about your symptoms of anxiety or depression to the nurse of your school. They can refer you to a doctor or psychiatric nurse. Students in universities receive care from the Finnish Student Health Service. If you are in comprehensive school or not studying, you can contact your local health station.

Mieppi is a low-threshold service for mental health where all Helsinki residents aged over 13 are welcome.

You can visit the Youth Station if you are having problems with intoxicants or gambling or if your mental health problems are mild. The Youth Station is intended for Helsinki residents aged 13–23.