3,000 km to Rome

A short film about young people’s lives made by young people

The short film 3000km Roomaan (3,000 km to Rome) works as an introduction to a discussion about traffic behaviour, substance abuse, the importance of personal choices, and friendly and romantic relationships.


Pääkaupunkiseudun mopotoiminta (Moped activities in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area) and young people have collaborated to make a film that supports traffic and substance abuse education in schools. The film took a whole year to produce, involving young people in the writing, directing, acting, filming and other necessary roles.

3000km Roomaan (3,000 km to Rome) is a follow-up to the Pääkaupunkiseudun mopotoiminta (Moped activities in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area) traffic education model, which gained great popularity when it was used in Helsinki’s secondary schools in 2014–2016. Several hundred lessons were held and thousands of young people attended.

Themed lesson

The themed lesson lasts a minimum of 45 minutes and is intended for 8th–9th-graders:

  • Brief introduction (5 min)
  • Watching the film (20 min)
  • Joint discussion (20 min)


  • To strengthen young people’s understanding of the effects of substance abuse, peer pressure and the consequences of their own choices.
  • To influence young people’s attitudes towards traffic behaviour, substance abuse and relationships.
  • To encourage young people to make safe choices. 
  • To consider respectful treatment both in traffic and in friendly and romantic relationships.