Tips for a safe last day of school 

Congratulations to everyone celebrating the end of the school year! The beginning of the summer holiday is an important and long-awaited day for many pupils. During the celebration, it is also important to keep safety in mind. That is why youth workers will once again be present at popular meeting places this year to create a safe atmosphere.  

Youth workers can be recognised by their clothing, which bear the Helsinki logo. In addition to them, there will also be police and representatives of various organisations around, whom you can turn to for help. This ensures that there are enough reliable adults around who young people can rely on. 

The youth workers and other adults are tasked with creating a safe atmosphere so that everyone can enjoy the celebration without worry. If you need help or just someone to talk to, you should not hesitate to ask. The professionals and volunteers are there for you: please do not hesitate to turn to them if you need support or advice. A safe and cheerful celebration is a common goal for all of us. 

Tips for a worry-free celebration:  

  1. Discuss your plans for the evening and your curfew with your parents. 
  1. Pick a friend and agree to watch out for one another throughout the evening. 
  1. Charge your phone or carry a charger with you.  
  1. Identify safe adults and ask them for help if you or your friend needs it. 
  1. Keep in mind that alcohol and other intoxicating substances can cause uncontrolled situations. You can take better care of yourself and your friends by staying sober.  
  1. Enjoy the celebration!