Make your voice heard – Young people’s power of initiative in Helsinki 

Every 13–17-year-old resident of Helsinki can enjoy the benefit of the power of initiative, which provides young people an opportunity to develop the city to meet their needs! Young people’s power of initiative is a real opportunity to make a difference in decision-making in society and have the young people’s voice heard on City activities. 

What is the power of initiative of young people? 

The Summer Job Voucher, charging ports in the metro, the renovation of the Alppikylä peak and Oodi youth space are only a few examples of what initiatives by young people can achieve! 

The power of initiative of young people is one of many ways of making a difference. It is aimed at encouraging young people to get involved and highlighting young people’s suggestions and ideas for improvement in matters related to activities of the City of Helsinki. This means that you and your friends can influence what kind of services, events or changes you want to see in your district or in the city at large. 

Why you should propose an initiative 

Initiatives will provide the City with valuable and up-to-date information about what young people really need and want. The voice of the youth is a meaningful part of the future of Helsinki, and the sky is the limit when it comes to your ideas! 

How can an initiative be made? 

It is easy to submit initiatives! All you need is an idea or a wish about what you want to propose or change and why. You can submit your initiative on a matter related to the City’s activities electronically via the City of Helsinki’s website. After this, you will be contacted about the progress of the initiative. 

Ready to make a difference? 

Submit an initiative alone or together with a friend and get involved in making Helsinki an even more comfortable city for young people!