Instructions for using the spaces of the environmental youth work unit

The environmental youth work unit

The youth services have been granted the Ekokompassi certificate, which obliges them to take environmental aspects into account in all their activities. This requires our users to prevent and sort waste, reduce energy consumption and hot water use, and avoid disposable products. All our facilities are substance-free and smoking is prohibited in all indoor and outdoor areas managed by the city. Paintball (Splättis) activities are not allowed on our campgrounds.


The orientation meeting and key pick-up must be agreed at least one month before the start of the reservation period with the staff of the space that the reservation has been granted to you. An agreement on independent use is signed at the orientation meeting. The agreement is signed by a person in charge. *The person in charge is introduced to the practices on site.

*The responsibilities of the person in charge (18 years old):

  • commits to being present for the entire duration of use
  • ensures that the premises are clean and tidy after use
  • ensures that no one who does not belong to their own group enters the premises
  • ensures that they do not pass on the usage time
  • ensures that the premises are used only during the agreed times and only for the activity for which the usage time has been granted
  • ensures that the activity in the premises is substance-free
  • fills in the checklist carefully after the usage time


If the final cleaning is not in accordance with the agreement for independent use, we will charge a cleaning fee of at least 160€ / 4h and 50€ per additional hour started. The user is obliged to compensate for property that has been damaged or lost due to careless use, or other additional costs incurred during the use period, such as security costs.