Helsinki Youth Services will recruit 30 students for summer 2024 

Finding seasonal workers for youth services has begun with the recruitment of students aged 18 years or over. In addition to students in the youth field, there are jobs for students from other fields. Open jobs can now be applied for at 

This summer, a total of 30 interesting youth service jobs will be available for students. Varied jobs are available at youth facilities on Bengtsår camping island, at Fallkulla domestic animal farm as well as in youth café and football activities, for example. With the support of permanent staff, students have the opportunity to guide young summer employees aged 16-17 years, as Youth Services also offers summer jobs to hundreds of young people of that age in addition to students. 

“Students are potential future employees and feedback from them is important. The students who worked in summer 2023 were very satisfied with their summer job experience and gave particularly good feedback about their orientation and the support they received in their work. All respondents were willing to work again in youth services”, says Sami Komppula, designer from Helsinki Youth Services. 

The experiences of Aleksi Lappalainen, camp manager of Bengtsår camping island, have also been good. “At Bengtsår we have had students since summer 2020. We offer students a unique working environment and experience of working with young people. Students bring new enthusiasm and skills straight from the classroom to their work on the camping island. I could say that the new ideas they bring to our work community by far match the years of experience in youth work that we offer them. Students have been the missing piece for us in building a perfect work community”, says Lappalainen. 

Open jobs for students over 18 years are open for application from 19 January to 7 February 2024 at