Happy Holidays!

Many youth centres are open during the Christmas break. Kontula Youth Centre Luuppi is also open for young people during the bank holidays 24–26 December at 3pm–9:30pm.  

On New Year’s Eve, our youth workers will spread out to the city’s shopping centres and stations.  You’ll find us out and about starting in the afternoon for as long as young people are out on the town. Youth workers will be there to talk to young people, ask you how they’re doing, give them advice, and help them get help.  

We want to remind you of safety, especially when it comes to the use of fireworks. Our youth workers have encountered dangerous situations in which fireworks have even been thrown at people. We understand that everyone is looking forward to the New Year’s parties, but we want to remind you that fireworks abuse is dangerous. You must be at least 18 years old to set off fireworks. Minors are not allowed to buy or use fireworks. An adult must always be responsible for handling fireworks.  

Young people, take care of each other, and when you meet a youth worker, don’t hesitate to talk to them. Adults, be aware of your children are and teach them how to party safely.  

Happy and peaceful holidays to you all!