Micro jobs available!

We offer short-term jobs to young people aged 14–17 living or attending school in Helsinki.

The job can be located at any location of the Culture and Leisure Division (youth centres, libraries, museums, sports facilities, etc.) or you can suggest a job for the public good yourself. The job must also bring joy or benefit someone else. In other words, it cannot take place in a company or just for personal pleasure. You can help others, make an area better or make someone happy. What could it be?

The duration of micro jobs is 1–10 hours, and we pay €9 per hour. You must be at least 14 years old and live or go to school in Helsinki.

Job descriptions

Picking up litter

Job duration: 2–10 h
Location: Kipinä and Myllypuro Youth Centre
Pay: €9/h
More information: Joonas Halonen 040 681 5271

Job description: Do a good deed for the environment by picking up litter on your own or together with a friend or instructor. You will get the necessary equipment from the youth centre, your task is to clean up the environment and fill the rubbish bags given to you.

Teach your skill to others

Job duration: As agreed
Pay: €9/h
Location: Kipinä or remotely (e.g. at home)
More information: Selina Saari, Youth Worker, 040 505 5199

Job description: Your task is to teach your skill in the form of a video or photos to others. Your skill can be, for example, dance movements, doing art, language skills or something related to school subjects. Photos and/or video with text will be published on Instagram on the @kipina_official account and you can also publish the material on your own social media account (please remember to use hashtags #mikrotyöt2020 #itäkeskuksennuorisotyöyksikkö #ruuti). The maximum number of photos in a publication is 10, and the video duration should be 1–3 minutes. Please remember to also write captions and to add the appropriate hashtags.

Radio DJ

Job duration: 5 h
Pay in total: €44
Location: Kipinä or remotely (e.g. at home)
More information: Eevi Savolainen, Media Producer, 040 642 7544

Job description: Your job is to find music for the Signaaliradio playlist and compile playlists to be played when there is no radio host. As a radio DJ, you will search for songs on the Internet and your duties will include contacting artists and asking for their permission for radio play. Once you have obtained the permission, you will record the songs and artists you have found in an Excel sheet. Signaalimedia is a media community of young people that aims to make young people’s voices heard. There are several radio DJ jobs available at the same time with a continuous application period.

Plan your own event or workshop

Job duration: As agreed
Pay: €9/h.
Location: Kipinä and/or remotely
More information: Selina Saari, Youth Worker, 040 505 5199

Job description: Plan your own event or workshop that will bring joy to other young people. The contents may be linked to a theme (e.g. Halloween, music, art). The event can also be implemented digitally. The plan does not need to be all completed, we can work on the idea together.