Kivikko Youth Centre offers meaningful and high-quality recreational activities for children and young people aged 7 to 17.


The newly renovated facilities allow for a wide range of activities!

Open activities

The activities are for the most part open, i.e. you can plan and implement activities at the youth centre together with youth workers.

Kivikko Youth Centre features a variety of console games, a pool table and a ping pong table as well as a large dance hall, where you can play sports such as futsal, accompanied by blinking lights and music! The premises also include a small gym and a studio where you can craft all sorts of items.

Small group activities

The youth centre also features instructor-led small groups that are for the most part led by assistant instructors we have trained (young people participating in the youth centre’s activities) for the youngest users of the building.

Get a membership card

Young people need to get a free-of-charge membership card in order to participate in our activities. This does not result in any obligations. To get a membership card, fill in an application and submit it to the youth centre. In addition to your contact details and permission to take photographs of you, the application asks for your parents’ consent. Young people over the age of 12 can register by themselves via and send their application to their guardians for approval.

We are also happy to cooperate with parents. Guardians are welcome to come and familiarise themselves with the youth centre’s activities together with their children.

Come and check out the youth centre!

Kivikonkaari 21
00940 Helsinki
PL 94410, 00940 Helsinki

Youth workers

  • Titta Hakkarainen, Nuoriso-ohjaaja / Alue-ja osallisuusohjaaja
    040 350 9736
  • Mimmi Holmberg, nuoriso-ohjaaja
    040 4837466
  • Tero Rapo, nuoriso-ohjaaja
    040 620 7714
  • Abdirahim ¨Rahim¨ Sufi, nuoriso-ohjaaja
  • Sari Granö, toiminnanjohtaja
    041 512 1724

Nuorisotalon puhelinnumero: 09 310 89080 / 040 3348 081

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WhatsApp:                                                                         TikTok:

Titta p. 040 350 9736    Mimmi p. 040 483 7466            kivikkonuorisotal
Tero p. 040 620 7714     Rahim p. 045 129 4322

Lotta p. 0401781345


Youth Centre p. 040 334 8081



Opening times

Normal opening hours

Aged 9-12:

Mon 14-16:30
Tue Closed
Wed 14-16:30
Thu 14-16:30
Fri 14:30-16:30

Aged 13-18:

Mon 17-19:45
Tue Closed
Wed 17-19:45
Thu 17-19:45
Fri 17-21:30

Sat 15-22:45 you will find us in @Luuppi Kontula

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