Kannelmäki Youth Centre facilities

Need facilities?

You can reserve facilities of Kannelmäki Youth Centre for activities and various events. The youth centre’s kitchen, dance/theatre hall, living room and Värkkäämö (art space) are available for reservations. The building is accessible.

Introduction to the facilities

Kitchen: A well-equipped kitchen that includes two stoves with a convection oven, a dishwasher and basic tableware for several dozen people. The space has room for roughly six people.

Hall: A mirror hall suitable for dance and theatre activities. The hall has room for roughly 20 people. The hall can also be used for holding meetings, for which there are around 70 chairs and assemblable tables.

Living room: A space that is suitable for gatherings and has room for roughly 12 people.

Värkkäämö: A space suitable for art activities, featuring two kilns, a stove and a washing machine. The sinks have precipitation vessels. The space has room for roughly 20 people.